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Dierections to Deep Creek Hot Springs Trailhead

The easiest way to get to the Deep Creek Hot Springs trailhead on your
first trip is to take I-15 south to the southern end of Victorville,
CA, and exit at Bear Valley Rd. (about 180 miles from Vegas).

  • Turn left on Bear Valley Road (east) and continue 9.85 miles to
    Central Rd.
  • Turn right on Central and continue for 3.0 miles to Ocotillo Way.
  • Go left on Ocotillo and continue 2.3 miles to Bowen Ranch Rd
    (pavement ends shortly before you get to Bowen Ranch Rd).
  • Turn right on Bowen Ranch Rd. and stay on the widest main dirt road
    for more than 6 miles to Bowen Ranch. Shortly before you get to the
    ranch house (more like a shack), the road gets narrow and uneven. Go
    straight where JF4 (or JF6?) forks to the right.
  • If nobody is present at the house doorway, place your $4 per person
    toll in an envelope provided ($5 if you're camping), write car &
    license info on it, and place in the mail slot.

After you pass the small ranch house, continue down the dirt road for
about a quarter of a mile. There are several spots to park and camp.
The trailhead starts there, and it's about a 1.5 mile downhill hike to
the creek; the hot spring pools are just across the creek. Shortly
after descending the steep hill from the parking area, the trail
intersects a dirt road; go left along the road for a short distance,
then right at the wooden fence posts at the Nat'l Forest boundary.

There are slightly shorter driving routes, but Bear Valley Rd. is the
most straightforward and offers several options for dining, groceries,
and fuel stops.

If you're traveling I-15 from the north, the shortest route is to take
the Dale Evans Pkwy exit before you get to Victorville. Go left on
Dale Evans Pkwy and continue south for about 6.3 miles. There should
be a stop sign there at Waalew Rd. If you don't need to stop for
supplies, take a left on Waalew for 2 miles to Central Rd; right on
Central for almost 9 more miles to Ocotillo. I usually turn right at
Waalew Rd. and then the next left on Aztec Rd. (continuation of Dale
Evans Pkwy) for 2.5 miles to the intersection of Hwy 18. This puts
you in proximity of some shopping centers (Wal-Mart is to the right on
Hwy 18) and fast food restaurants. After eating and stocking up on
camp supplies, head east on Hwy 18 to Central Rd, then right on
Central to Ocotillo and Bowen Ranch.

Be advised, once you leave Bear Valley Rd. or Hwy 18, there are no
more fuel stations, dining places, or public restrooms for the
remainder of your travels. If you've never hiked in the high desert,
be sure to pack:

  • Plenty of drinking water or a good water-purifying filter and
    containers (you can also refill empty containers from a clean water
    source in the rocks at the springs, and cool it in the creek).
  • Good hiking shoes.
  • Layered clothing for cold nights/early mornings.
  • Trail snacks and energy foods.
  • Sunblock.
  • Optional: towel for drying off or sunbathing and camera.




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